Casino sbobet online – A Brief Guide

While it is harder to get away with in low-limit games especially with loose players, this is a move you should know for many reasons. Here’s the scenario… Both blinds are in the seats just to your left, and so far, everyone has folded. It’s just you and the blinds. If you just call – OF COURSE they are going to call as their money is already in there. But remember, unlike the other players, they are not in their by choice, so there is a very likely chance they have weak hands. RAISE. Make them tell you if they have a hand or not – do not let them see the flop for “free”. More times than not both players will fold. This is a good general Hold’em betting strategy.

To go one step further…. If you are on the big blind, and so far, no one has called, don’t just check and let the small blind make half a bet to see the flop – raise him and make him put up half a bet PLUS a whole bet to see the flop. Again this will force someone to fold more often than not, but worse case, it lets you know if the player is holding a hand or not.

OK, one step further…. If you are on the small blind, and everyone has folded, and the big blind just checked, then raise. Make him post an unforced bet to see the flop. Again, he may fold or worst case, has at least indicated he’s holding a potential hand.

In low-limit games I see very few people who seem to know this move. Look for it. Look for those who have this scenario presented, but only check or place a single bet. Take note as it should be an indicator that this person is probably not a very skilled player.

How to defend from blind stealing? Re-Raise.

Knowing this move is not only great from an offensive perspective, it’s always nice to know when someone is trying to put it on you. You are in the blind seat, everyone’s folder and the person just to your right raised you… How to tell if this was a “position raise” and not a raise based on the cards he holds? Raise back. If he was trying to put a move on you, then re-raising will get him wondering what you’ve been dealt.

Sometimes this defense is not going to be enough in a single move, and the raiser will call. What do you do? See the flop and keep betting with confidence. If there is any decent card in the flop, like an Ace or King the raiser will start to wonder if you are holding a pair of Aces or Kings. Even if you are holding crap – bet! In this situation, if the initial raiser truly was bluffing you, it will probably take until 4th or 5th street before he decides to give up. If you get scared and start checking before then, he’ll sense the weakness and either force you to fold or take you to showdown.

Casino sbobet online – A Must Read For Beginners

When you read most any poker book or strategy site, there’s a lot about “tells” – how to read your opponent to determine the strength or weakness of a player’s hand. There’s even books about nothing but tells! How someone breathes, facial ticks, the vein in their neck – all sorts of tells that will allow a good poker player to eat a weak player’s lunch day after day. Well, there’s one big problem with online poker – there are NO tells! Or are there?

Actually there are. While there may not be as many, and they may not be as obvious – there are certainly online tells you can look for, and know to try not to do yourself. Since I there’s not much currently written about online poker tells, I kind of just catch them as I play more and more online poker. If you know of some good online tells please email me.

  1. Position Raises

This is not really so much a tell, just a move. If you are in the small or big blind – and everyone folds – until the person just to your right finally raises – don’t necessarily assume he’s got a great hand. It’s a good move often used to steal blinds. To make sure – raise back.

  1. Slow Play

While I don’t see people do this as much with medium – strong hands, I do often see them all of a sudden start to think long and hard about placing their bet – or raise. Unless this person is just a slow player or experiencing connection troubles, it’s quite likely an acting job. Paying attention to people’s betting rhythms at all times will help with this call.

  1. Really Fast Play

Most online poker sites allow a person to pre-select their next move rather than click when it’s their turn. You can check boxes like “check / fold”, “fold”, “call anything”, and “raise anything”… Basically the way you can tell someone has used one of these check box buttons rather than actually wait their turn is it passes by them lightening fast. Basically faster than most could humanly click the button. There are two scenarios when someone has pre-checked their next bet move you should watch for…

“check / fold” – basically when someone clicks this they are saying, “unless I can play for free, I’m folding”. Go ahead and bet to thin them from the callers.

“raise anything” – if someone is using this button they are either really loose AND lazy, or feel they have the nuts. So – watch out for that. This one you won’t see nearly as often as the “check / fold” button.

  1. Chatting about their hand

Drunk poker players are kings of thinking little sayings like “finally, here we go”, or “thank you dealer”… and actually thinking it scares the other players into believing they’ve got a hand. Well, I see players do the same via chat online every so often, and just like the others, they are generally full of #@$@#$.

Daftar situs judi bola resmi – Play to Win

Since the free online poker tables consist of lots of beginners, but also lots of people very careless with their betting (mostly because they are beginners playing with free money) if you really set your mind to it you should be able to win a lot of free money just by taking advantage of the loose cannons at your table. Whoop-dee-doo – it’s just fake money, but that’s OK – it’s a great place to learn to beat others at poker. Think of it as hitting golf balls at the driving range.

Don’t just look at your cards – watch the other players. When you fold, don’t check your email – pay attention – learn what your opponents are willing to bet on, learn who will bluff and who won’t. You will see who knows how to bet and who does not, who will bluff, but then chickens out, and you will see who will only bet holding a pair of aces. The free tables are loaded with “obvious people” – otherwise called “fish” so it’s good practice to not only learn how to spot them – but how to take their chips.

Have Fun

Online poker is no different than real poker – you are going to lose hands. Even when you do everything right, you will lose hands. You will also make goofy mistakes. The key is to realize and accept this fact, and try to keep it to a minimum. Learn from your mistakes and keep playing.