Travel Guide to Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is best known for the beautiful landscape and culture it carries and Geneva is nearly same. Its worldly people, striking architecture, international atmosphere and historical landmarks make it one of the best places of peace you never want to leave. So, here is the travel guide to Geneva, to keep your stay best and memorable.

Where to Stay in Geneva?

The Hotel President Wilson is one of the awesome location and is present at the walking distance to the best sights of the city. But if you are not able to afford you then Hotel Suisse and Hotel Cornavin Geneve are the best places to stay in only $200/night.

If you are staying at a campsite, hostel or hotel, you are going to get free transport card so you must take its advantage. This will enable you to use all trams, buses, trains and yellow taxi boats for free during your complete stay.

Where to Eat in Geneva?

Geneva is among the international cities so you will get a large international cuisine. Everyone likes the different taste so here are the top eating places.

Miski is the cozy Peruvian restaurant offering awesome chicken dinner with Peruvian beer. If you want to try some other restaurants then Alma Restaurant and Arabesque are at the top. If you want to give a break to your wallet then eating at the casual restaurant such as Bains des Paquis or at the food stalls at the Plainpalais Farmer market is the best.

Things to Do in Geneva:

Explore Old Towns:

Geneva is the hub of old historical towns so schedule your day by visiting these towns and enjoy food with shopping. Visit the Bourg-de-Four for the restaurants, shops, and museums. Try to touch the sky with famous Saint-Pierre Cathedral and get amazing sky view.

Visit Carouge:

Carouge is the best place to go if you are feeling hungry as it has come up with a large number of options of food such as gelato, cheese shops, chocolate shops and much more. Try Indie theater cinema and the Le Chat Noir where you will hear lively music